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Must Have Fall Essentials

Must Have Fall Essentials

Summer Makeup Haul

Hi lovelies!

I recently bought a bunch of things from a local Canadian store and Sephora. I was so excited when I got the packages I just had to share these beauty items with you.

From Sephora:  

stila This stila lipstick is the deluxe sample they were giving out on Canada’s Day, so to get it I bought the Urban Decay Naked Flushed.

naked final Now for the really exciting part. I found this adorable site called FTB Beauty. It sells all these amazing brands that are hard to find in Canada! They recently had a promo code for their Instagram followers, so I had to buy some things.

overall brush

Milani eye liner ELF elf lip elf lip 2 Costal final I still haven’t gotten the chance to try everything out yet. If you want me to do any reviews, comment below or tweet me! I would love to do some 🙂


Summer Ombré Lip

As I enjoy the lazy summer days I thought I would try out an ombré lip for the first time. I only own a nude, and clear lip liner so I decided to use lipsticks to create the look.

NOTE: if you want to wear this lip out, or for a long period of time I recommend using lip liners instead of lipstick.

What I used:


Step One:

Conceal your lips

one Step Two:

Carefully outline your lips with the darker lip liner/lipstick (Quince by Bite). It’s okay to mess up a little because your can always conceal it when you’re done

two Step Three:

Okay, I know it seems like I skipped something but this look is super easy. You’re then going to take the lighter lip liner/lipstick (Elusive by Revlon) and fill in the center part of your lips. After rub your lips together for a blended look. Working with lip liners you may have to use a lip brush to blend the colours together.


And you’re all done! Super quick and super easy to achieve 😀











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Perfect Smokey Liner

Hello beauties, sorry I haven’t been posting very frequently. To make up for this I decided to try out this super simple smokey liner. I’ve been trying to practice my smokey eye and honestly this look is ten times easier and gives you a similar look to the smokey eye.

Let’s get into the tutorial!

Products Used: 


eye 1

  1.  Concealed, primed and patted on “Vanilla” all over the lid. As well as filling in my brows
  2. Take tape and press it on the back of your hands a few times (so it doesn’t pull your skin when you’re taking it off) Try to line the tape with your bottom lash line
  3. Use “Carbon” and the angled brush to draw your wing
  4. BLEND. Add more Carbon onto a blending brush. Keep adding and blending till you have your desired look
  5. Line your lashes
  6. Try to blend the liquid with the shadow
  7. Remove the tape and curl your lashes
  8. Add your favourite mascara, or fake lashes
  9. The final look eye 2 I hope you enjoyed the simple look. If you try it out make sure to tweet me a picture! or post it on Instagram and use #beautybycatherine


Mont Bleu Review

It seems like ages since the last time I did a review for you guys. I was sent a lovely package from Mont Bleu all the way from Czech Republic. It took approximately 2 weeks to arrive at my door in Canada. I didn’t pick what products I was going to receive so I’m not sure how the check out process is. I was sent 4 items: 2 nail filers, 1 tweezer, and 1 pair of earrings.

edit 1  total 2

 Thoughts on the Nail Filers: 

Honestly, I think the Swarovski crystals are very cute on the filers. I keep the small one in my purse with me, and the large one with my nail painting supplies. So far the filers haven’t torn my nail, or left them with a rough feeling.

nail 1  nail 2

Thoughts on the eyebrow tweezer: 

I don’t know a lot about tweezers, I typically buy them at the drugstore. I used this one last night and work the exact same as the ones I buy at the store. The only issues I’m worried about is the crystals falling off because my thumbs go right where they are placed.

tweezer 1

Thoughts on the earrings: 

There isn’t too much to say about the earrings. They are super cute and haven’t rusted, or turned my ears green or anything. And they are of course beautiful. The earrings are a rainbow colour, which you can’t really pick up in the photo.

earring 1

 Overall I would recommend these products to you guys! The products are beautiful, and everyone really should invest in a glass nail filer.

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Pop of Liner

Hello beautiful viewers! I am finally giving you a new makeup tutorial. I know the past few weeks have been a fashion overload (or maybe you enjoyed it?) but I am back home now and can get back to experimenting with makeup.

The Tutorial: 

eye tutorial I took a white cream eye liner and winged it out. Then I applied a bright shimmery blue over-top to cover all the white. Finally I added a black liner for more of a wearable look.

The Products: 

overall 2The Look:

face 1Lazy girl tip: go ahead and buy a blue eye liner, it’ll make this look a lot easier.

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