Perfect Smokey Liner

Hello beauties, sorry I haven’t been posting very frequently. To make up for this I decided to try out this super simple smokey liner. I’ve been trying to practice my smokey eye and honestly this look is ten times easier and gives you a similar look to the smokey eye.

Let’s get into the tutorial!

Products Used: 


eye 1

  1.  Concealed, primed and patted on “Vanilla” all over the lid. As well as filling in my brows
  2. Take tape and press it on the back of your hands a few times (so it doesn’t pull your skin when you’re taking it off) Try to line the tape with your bottom lash line
  3. Use “Carbon” and the angled brush to draw your wing
  4. BLEND. Add more Carbon onto a blending brush. Keep adding and blending till you have your desired look
  5. Line your lashes
  6. Try to blend the liquid with the shadow
  7. Remove the tape and curl your lashes
  8. Add your favourite mascara, or fake lashes
  9. The final look eye 2 I hope you enjoyed the simple look. If you try it out make sure to tweet me a picture! or post it on Instagram and use #beautybycatherine



Mont Bleu Review

It seems like ages since the last time I did a review for you guys. I was sent a lovely package from Mont Bleu all the way from Czech Republic. It took approximately 2 weeks to arrive at my door in Canada. I didn’t pick what products I was going to receive so I’m not sure how the check out process is. I was sent 4 items: 2 nail filers, 1 tweezer, and 1 pair of earrings.

edit 1  total 2

 Thoughts on the Nail Filers: 

Honestly, I think the Swarovski crystals are very cute on the filers. I keep the small one in my purse with me, and the large one with my nail painting supplies. So far the filers haven’t torn my nail, or left them with a rough feeling.

nail 1  nail 2

Thoughts on the eyebrow tweezer: 

I don’t know a lot about tweezers, I typically buy them at the drugstore. I used this one last night and work the exact same as the ones I buy at the store. The only issues I’m worried about is the crystals falling off because my thumbs go right where they are placed.

tweezer 1

Thoughts on the earrings: 

There isn’t too much to say about the earrings. They are super cute and haven’t rusted, or turned my ears green or anything. And they are of course beautiful. The earrings are a rainbow colour, which you can’t really pick up in the photo.

earring 1

 Overall I would recommend these products to you guys! The products are beautiful, and everyone really should invest in a glass nail filer.

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Pop of Liner

Hello beautiful viewers! I am finally giving you a new makeup tutorial. I know the past few weeks have been a fashion overload (or maybe you enjoyed it?) but I am back home now and can get back to experimenting with makeup.

The Tutorial: 

eye tutorial I took a white cream eye liner and winged it out. Then I applied a bright shimmery blue over-top to cover all the white. Finally I added a black liner for more of a wearable look.

The Products: 

overall 2The Look:

face 1Lazy girl tip: go ahead and buy a blue eye liner, it’ll make this look a lot easier.

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OOTD; Comfy Tourist 2.0

Hello my lovelies! Sadly my trip to Paris has come to an end and this will be my finally look inspired by Paris. I thought it would cool to do a little transition. If you remember my first Comfy Tourist OOTD you’ll probably realize how similar this look is.

edit 1 Instead of the denim vest (which is perfect for any travel desintation) I paired this grey maxi dress with my older sister’s boyfriend blazer.

edit 2

I really hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did! stay tuned for more makeup tutorials.

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OOTD; Stained Blue

stained glass window


We had a day off and my friends and I decided to go shopping at Prinetemps (a huge department store) we went all the way to the top floor and worked our way down. To our surprise there was a huge stained glass window around a pretty fancy restaurant.

My outfit is insipred by this window.



edit 3 Blue was the main colour in the window, so I went with my long blue maxi dress.



edit 2I wanted more colours with my outfit, but it was cold out that day and I didn’t really have too many different coloured accessories.
edit 1


OOTD; Dressing like a Local

I’m sure by the title you can probably guess that my outfit today is inspired by the fashion trends I’ve seen around town. One trend that I have really noticed is the denim on denim. I didn’t bring dark enough jeans to try this look out, so I went for more of a traditional Parisian look.

edit 1

edit 3

edit 2

edit 4 I honestly saw this look by LOTS of ladies out walking around. Cropped jeans, converse, red lip, white tee, black blazer, and hair done however. I think this is probably my favourite outfit so far because of how simple, but yet very Parisian too.



OOTD; Monet’s Contrast

IMG_0214Today I travelled outside of Paris to see Claude Monet’s house and gardens. It’s beautiful, I especially love his Japanese inspired garden where the majority of his paintings are inspired. After the Japanese garden we went to more of a traditional garden with flowers. So many colourful flowers! It had just rained so the pedals still had the perfect picture drips on them.


My outfit is inspired by the colourful flowers of his traditional garden.


edit 3 Sorry for the terrible lighting, I wasn’t really thinking about the bright white background behind me.





edit 1

edit 2 I didn’t bring a lot of colourful clothing with me, so I paried my bright pink top with light pants (to make the colours pop more) and a blue/green necklace.