Must Have Fall Essentials

Must Have Fall Essentials


Demi Lovato Style Steal

demi look

Madewell plaid shirt

Black booties

Topshop black handbag
I have always loved Demi’s fashion, so I thought it was time I finally do a post about it. Demi has a more grungey look which I think she pulls off perfectly with her coloured hair.
In this look she wears a basic band tee and ties a plaid shirt around her waist. I honestly would wear this look around town without the leather jacket, but she still pulls it off perfectly.
Her pants are a simple black which can be easily found at any clothing store. You could always substitute the plain black pants for black pants with tears in them which would look very cute with the outfit as well.
Finally she ties this outfit with black combat boots and a cute black tote handbag. I picked boots with studs on them because they gave the whole look a little bit of an edge to the simple outfit.
I hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for a Demi Lovato’s makeup tutorial!
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Kylie Jenner OOTD

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, March madness has arrived at university!
I created a simple Kylie Jenner inspired outfit for you guys to try! I personally love it and I think the body chain spices up the simple outfit.
Kylie Jenner outfit

Bleach t shirt

Kate Spade bracelet bangle

Chain Link Body Chain
My inspiration:
Kylie Jenner makeup and hair!
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*There will be no February Favourites because I didn’t try anything new that month*

Lorde Style Steal

Lorde style steal

NYX matte nude lipstick
$11 –

Styling iron
$49 –

In the video you can only see her top half…so I’m adding the jeans and shoes so people could actually wear this look out. Obliviously the necklace isn’t the same….but I think the pop of colour is cute. 
royals16 As you can tell she wears a dramatic cat eye. With the eye liner create the sideways V and go over it with a black eyeshadow. BLEND and SMUDGE. Smudge it out so it’ll eventually fade away. Blend so the lines aren’t too sharp. Fill in your brows normally and use the nude blush and nude lipstick to complete the look. 
**You don’t need to buy these products…just use what you have!