Must Have Fall Essentials

Must Have Fall Essentials


OOTD; The Green Garden


I went the Palace of Versailles today. So pretty. I also went to see Marie’s apartment, and on the way to her place you walk through the gardens.

I couldn’t do another Marie Antoinette look again so I was looked for something else that could inspire me. It took me a awhile but I decided to use the obvious one: the garden.  This outfit is very simple, but still very Parisian fashion.




edit 1I love the contrast between the olive green top and my blue jeans. It makes the outfit stand out a little more.

edit 2 We all need a little prop every once in awhile. Mine: a Starbucks travel mug that says Paris.

edit 3


OOTD; Des fleurs du Luxembourg

(Title: The Flowers of Luxembourg)


I may or may not be used as an extra in a tv show/movie. When I went to visit the Luxembourg Garden there is a film set up and we got to sit in the background by a large fountain. Pretty exciting. Unforentatly the day was rainy and there was a little bit of a thunderstorm so I didn’t stay too long. I mostly hung out by the large circle fountain. One thing that I LOVE about gardens is the peacefulness of them.


There weren’t too many flowers blooming, but I thought this top would be the perfect representation of the beautiful garden.

IMG_0096 I was afraid you were getting bored of the same background so my lovely older sister took pictures of me cooking our first meal in Paris.

IMG_0095 I added a simple black cardigan and simple blue jeans with the floral shirt because I wanted all the attention on the shirt.

IMG_0098 I didn’t wear any accessories with this look.




OOTD; Eiffel Tower Parisian



My outfit today was inspired by the beautiful tower I saw yesterday. There were obviously a lot of tourists so I couldn’t really get inspired by the Paris fashion. But there were a few ladies that I saw that encouraged me to try new styling ways.





I noticed for the hotter days, Parisian ladies still wore their pants and went for a lighter top. I wasn’t the keen on wearing full pants because of what I was planing on doing today, so I went with cropped pants (sadly you can’t see the full pant)

edit 2 Thanks to my older sister I had this light, flowy t-shirt that really went with this outfit. I took a casual top and paired them with nicer pants; perfect for the warmer Paris days.

edit 4  I went with simple accessories: a watch, and handbag.

edit 1

I hoped you enjoyed this outfit and stay tuned for tomorrow’s outfit!




OOTD; Comfy Tourist

Bonjour from Paris!

As I promised here is the first outfit of my Parisian OOTD. Here is a little background on this series:

Parisian OOTD will be my outfits that are inspired by the sites and people I have seen the day before. I will be doing a little write up about how that certain site or photo has inspired me. This is for a school project.

Since this was my first full day in Paris I didn’t have any photos yet to inspire this outfit, so I went for a super comfy go-to-outfit.


Yes I did go see the beautiful Eiffel Tower and actually got to stay till the lights went up. I took the elevator up to the top, but took the stairs down (which I highly recommend because you have a whole new appreciation for the tower)

My Accessoriess:

edit 1

edit 2

I went for simple accessories. The bold necklace adds a little more colour to the neutral tone outfit. And I stuck with the sliver accessories.


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Hope you are excited for this series as I am.



Demi Lovato Style Steal

demi look

Madewell plaid shirt

Black booties

Topshop black handbag
I have always loved Demi’s fashion, so I thought it was time I finally do a post about it. Demi has a more grungey look which I think she pulls off perfectly with her coloured hair.
In this look she wears a basic band tee and ties a plaid shirt around her waist. I honestly would wear this look around town without the leather jacket, but she still pulls it off perfectly.
Her pants are a simple black which can be easily found at any clothing store. You could always substitute the plain black pants for black pants with tears in them which would look very cute with the outfit as well.
Finally she ties this outfit with black combat boots and a cute black tote handbag. I picked boots with studs on them because they gave the whole look a little bit of an edge to the simple outfit.
I hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for a Demi Lovato’s makeup tutorial!
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This or That Tag

Hello my lovelies! For this post I am doing something a little different.




My friend Josie (that’s her to the left) and I decided to do a tag together. We chose the This or That tag, I’ll be doing half of the questions and Josie is doing the other half (Makeup, Nails, and Body). Make sure to check out her blog for her answers. She’s become a good blogging friend of mine and will be the sweetest girl you’ll meet!!



jeans or sweat pants?

Depends…at home sweat pants, going out jeans…but I totally prefer sweats

long sleeve of short?

Short, long sleeves make me feel claustrophobic

dresses or skirts?


stripes or plaid? 

Uhh, plaid? No stripes…no plaid….I’m kind of neutral on them.

flip flops or sandals?


scarves or hats?

Scarves, man do I have a bad addiction to scarves

studs or dangly earrings?

Studs. I am not a dangly earrings kind of gal.

necklaces or bracelets ?


heels or flats?

Flats….but I do love a good pair of heels.

cowboy boots or riding boots?

Riding boots. Hands down riding boots.

jacket or hoodie?


forever 21 or charlotte russe?


abercombie or Hollister?

Never shopped at those stores….I think they are basically the same hahaha. As well I don’t really like how they have tween sizes but aim for the teen audience.

saks 5th or nordstrom?

Never shopped at those stores too. Also have never heard of Saks 5th.



curly or straight?


bun or ponytail?

Bun, though ponytails are easier for me to do haha

bobby pins or butterfly clips?

Bobby pins. People still wear butterfly clips???

hair spray or gel? 


long or short?


light or dark? 

I have no idea….maybe dark

side sweep bangs or full bangs?

Side sweep

up or down?

Rain or shine?

Rain, because I like to get all cozy and stay in bed and read or watch Netflix

Summer or winter?

Winter….but sometimes it can last too long

Fall or spring?


Chocolate or vanilla?


East coast or west coast?

I don’t know….I live in central Canada so I don’t visit the east and west often…though I do LOVE Newfoundland.


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