OOTD; Fashion Inspires



I was so lucky to visit a fashion gallery at the Musee Galliera in Paris today. It was one floor with a bunch of photographs of models, magazine covers, and fashion shoots. It was so amazing.


My outfit was simple, and a little different from what I would typically wear. The base of my outfit is the top and the saying on it. Fashion inspires others.


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edit 4   edit 2 edit 3 I went with little to no accessories…just earrings actually. And I wore my sliver sandals that I literally have been wearing this whole trip.


This is a little shorter post, but I hope you still enjoyed it!




OOTD; Pink Macaroons

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One of the first things I had to do when I got to Paris was to try macaroons. After a few days of looking around we found this cute bakery called Paul (which actually is pretty popular in Paris) and tried their macaroons. They were amazing! But we did want to try Laudree. Finally we got the time to buy them and hands down they are worth their price! They are so good.


Macaroons obviously come in all different flavours and colours, but I particularly enjoyed looking at the pastel colours. So today I was insipired by the rosey pink colours of the macaroons


edit 1 I wore a pale pink tank top, and stuck with the gold accessories.

edit 3 Adding a blazer always makes me feel a little more Parisian.

edit 2 Completing the outfit with dark washed jeans, made my pastel top pop a little more.



OOTD; Picasso Blue



I didn’t actually get to go into the Picasso museum because it’s closed until June for renovations. Though we did have someone explain and show us some of his paintings. If you are unfamiliar with Picasso, he did go through a blue period when all his paintings used a blue palette.

*Painting to the left is his famous self portrait*



I happened to have this blue maxi dress, and thought this would be a perfect time to wear it and be inspired by his blue period.

edit 1 It has been pretty cold, and rainy in Paris so I paired my faux leather jacket with y outfit to keep me warm.

edit 3

edit 2 I keep with sliver accessories to bring out the cool undertone of the dress in my skin. This is a very simple outfit, but very comfy and I got a lot of compliments on it!




OOTD; Shakespeare in the 21st Century

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My favourite part of this day by far was visiting Shakespeare and Company. The store is located in the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank of Paris. The stores surrounded by it and the cobble stone outside of the store honestly ties the visitor in.



I, of course, wanted to do an outfit inspired by the book store. There is  a lot of green and gold in and on the outside of the store. That inspired my colour palette.


edit 1 For more of a comfy look I paired the outfit with my glasses (I also need to give my eyes a break from contacts). The scarf I bought the day before was perfect for bringing out more of a gold in my olive green top.

edit 2I topped the outfit off with black pants and a blazer for the green and gold to pop out more.




OOTD; Des fleurs du Luxembourg

(Title: The Flowers of Luxembourg)


I may or may not be used as an extra in a tv show/movie. When I went to visit the Luxembourg Garden there is a film set up and we got to sit in the background by a large fountain. Pretty exciting. Unforentatly the day was rainy and there was a little bit of a thunderstorm so I didn’t stay too long. I mostly hung out by the large circle fountain. One thing that I LOVE about gardens is the peacefulness of them.


There weren’t too many flowers blooming, but I thought this top would be the perfect representation of the beautiful garden.

IMG_0096 I was afraid you were getting bored of the same background so my lovely older sister took pictures of me cooking our first meal in Paris.

IMG_0095 I added a simple black cardigan and simple blue jeans with the floral shirt because I wanted all the attention on the shirt.

IMG_0098 I didn’t wear any accessories with this look.




OOTD; Marie in the 21st Century



Today I got the chance to visit the prison which Marie Antoinette was held prisoner until her death. It was a quick little tour but was very interesting. There were three different types of cells available to the prisoners: 1. just hay on the ground 2. a bed and roomate 3. bed, private room and desk. Then there was Marie’ss room, which had a large bed, a desk, and painted walls, with carpet.



My outfit is inspired by her. Every time I think of Marie I always picture this portrait of her, it may be because Blair Waldorf had a similar one hung in her room. But blue is a very prominent colour shown, so I went with a blue chiffon top and cropped pants for a more formal look. Lots of people said my outfit was very business causal, so you’re welcome to take these simple outfit and use it for your everyday job!



IMG_0076 I went with sliver accessories (just my watch and earrings and shoes shown in earlier posts) to ensure the colour blue shows the true blue colour.

IMG_0077 The blue shirt I wore was too light of a shade to be included in Marie’s portrait, but I only have so many clothes with me in Paris.


Hope you enjoyed and make sure to follow my social media accounts for tomorrow’s outfit!




OOTD; Eiffel Tower Parisian



My outfit today was inspired by the beautiful tower I saw yesterday. There were obviously a lot of tourists so I couldn’t really get inspired by the Paris fashion. But there were a few ladies that I saw that encouraged me to try new styling ways.





I noticed for the hotter days, Parisian ladies still wore their pants and went for a lighter top. I wasn’t the keen on wearing full pants because of what I was planing on doing today, so I went with cropped pants (sadly you can’t see the full pant)

edit 2 Thanks to my older sister I had this light, flowy t-shirt that really went with this outfit. I took a casual top and paired them with nicer pants; perfect for the warmer Paris days.

edit 4  I went with simple accessories: a watch, and handbag.

edit 1

I hoped you enjoyed this outfit and stay tuned for tomorrow’s outfit!