January Favourites

bbcream  L’Oreal Magic BB cream is by far my favourite drug store BB cream I’ve tried, so happy I found this product!

eyebrow trio  I’m sure everyone is familiar with the Anastasia cosmetics, I stand with everyone else when they say they love their products, I have the brow shadow in Caramel and the Brow Fix wax pencil to keep my hairs in place.

hair care hair oil

These two are my favourite winter hair care products the Joise Maran oil keeps my ends from drying up and the Garnier Triple Nutrition keeps the rest of my hair healthy, silky and tangle free!

theyrereal I actually started using the product at the beginning of January and fell in love after the first use. The amount of volume it adds to my lashes is insane, AND it doesn’t clump! Definitely worth the money

perfume Finally my favourite perfume of the month. I will admit the sent is definitely more summery because it’s fruity and floral, but I miss summer so I think it’s okay to wear it.



Lorde Style Steal

Lorde style steal

NYX matte nude lipstick
$11 – target.com.au

Styling iron
$49 – thehut.com

In the video you can only see her top half…so I’m adding the jeans and shoes so people could actually wear this look out. Obliviously the necklace isn’t the same….but I think the pop of colour is cute. 
royals16 As you can tell she wears a dramatic cat eye. With the eye liner create the sideways V and go over it with a black eyeshadow. BLEND and SMUDGE. Smudge it out so it’ll eventually fade away. Blend so the lines aren’t too sharp. Fill in your brows normally and use the nude blush and nude lipstick to complete the look. 
**You don’t need to buy these products…just use what you have!

4 ways to KEEP your New Year’s resolutions

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for awhile. I have been SO busy with my family. But here are a few tips to keep your resolutions for 2014!!!


Let’s be honest, no one really finishes a big goal, like lose 20 in 5 months (I have no idea if that’s healthy or not…I just needed an example) You want to create small goals so you can complete them quicker which motivates you to keep going cause everyone loves completing something you’ve been working on. Example: drink 8 glasses of water everyday and workout 3 times a week. You may not lose all the weight you want. But you are changing your lifestyle so you can.


You want a specific goal. If it’s too broad you won’t get it done. EXAMPLE: you want money for the summer (too broad, how much do you want?) You want $1000 by summer (how will you get it?) First you want to get a job (small goal complete) and then make a change jar or something.


I’m a procrastinator. I have to work with someone else in the room or else I won’t get work done. So if you’re like me, get a friend. You want to lose 10 pounds, tell your friend. Then get them to keep you motivated. Maybe the both of you can go to the gym together. Or both get part time jobs to save for the summer. Whatever it is. HAVE A FRIEND DO IT TOO.


Tell yourself when you want your goal to be completed. If there isn’t a time limit then you’ll probably push it off, or lose motivation. So set a short time limit.

Good luck with your New Year’s resolutions!!!