Fitness Friday – Strengthening

Sorry I haven’t posted a Fitness Friday in ages!! But better late than never!

I want to give a huge thanks to my little sister for taking the time to pose for the exercises, and to my older sister who actually took the pictures of her!

Exercise number 1:

The Sit-Ups.

I’m sure we all know the sit ups, they feel like they are better than crunches…but are a lot harder. I feel like these allow me to do less, but have the same impact as if I did a hundred of them!

crunch 1of3Start how you normally would. Heather used 5 pound weights.

crunch 3of3 Squeeze all your muscles, EXCEPT your neck, and pull your self up. I recommend tucking your feet under something that won’t move. It’ll make this exercise  10 times easier!

crunch 2of3 SLOWLY lean back down. Remember to keep your arms straight while holding the weights.


Exercise number 2:

The Lunges.

lunge Remember to switch your legs, are bend them till they are at 90 degrees. Your butt and thighs will thank you.

Lazy girl tip: these are perfect to do during commercials while watching tv 🙂


Exercise number 3:

Inner Thighs.

fitness 1of2 Cross one leg over the other, and squeeze everything you got and lift you lower leg.

fitness 2of2



 Lazy girl tip: this is perfect to do while watching YouTube videos, or reading blogs!


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Hope you enjoyed




Fitness Friday: at home cardio

Welcome to the new fitness series on my blog!! It will include tips, workouts, and other ways to help keep you going with your healthy lifestyle!


One: Jumping Jacks

I’m sure all of you know how to do jumping jacks….

Here are some fun facts about them that’ll make you want to do them all day long:

Since jumping jacks gets your heart rate going you will burn more calories the longer you push yourself. They aren’t going to stress your body out and you won’t feel sore the next day. Try doing them for a minute a day until that becomes too easy and then try for two minutes

Two: Leg Kicks

This can be done a million different ways. You can Google all the different kinds. The one I typically do is when you stand up straight and kick one of your legs forward to touch your hand. And repeat with the other leg.


Your butt will look amazing after these.

Three: Knee Lifts

Similar to the leg kicks, they are a few different ways to do these. The simple basic way is to touch your knee to your hands.

Benefits: strength and definition in your lower abdominal, and strength in your lower back








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