Mont Bleu Review

It seems like ages since the last time I did a review for you guys. I was sent a lovely package from Mont Bleu all the way from Czech Republic. It took approximately 2 weeks to arrive at my door in Canada. I didn’t pick what products I was going to receive so I’m not sure how the check out process is. I was sent 4 items: 2 nail filers, 1 tweezer, and 1 pair of earrings.

edit 1  total 2

 Thoughts on the Nail Filers: 

Honestly, I think the Swarovski crystals are very cute on the filers. I keep the small one in my purse with me, and the large one with my nail painting supplies. So far the filers haven’t torn my nail, or left them with a rough feeling.

nail 1  nail 2

Thoughts on the eyebrow tweezer: 

I don’t know a lot about tweezers, I typically buy them at the drugstore. I used this one last night and work the exact same as the ones I buy at the store. The only issues I’m worried about is the crystals falling off because my thumbs go right where they are placed.

tweezer 1

Thoughts on the earrings: 

There isn’t too much to say about the earrings. They are super cute and haven’t rusted, or turned my ears green or anything. And they are of course beautiful. The earrings are a rainbow colour, which you can’t really pick up in the photo.

earring 1

 Overall I would recommend these products to you guys! The products are beautiful, and everyone really should invest in a glass nail filer.

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