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Liebster Award

I come baring the most exciting news! I have been honoured with the Liebster Award!!!!!! This is actually so amazing and I feel so thankful to Emma (serenejellybean) who awarded this to me!

I didn’t actually know what this award was, but I have seen on a few other beauty blogs. Emma explained this award perfectly:

“The Liebster Award was created by someone who lives in Germany to honor and recognize newer and smaller bloggers. So, this lovely “gift” is passed around from blog to blog. Whoever gives you the award gives you a series of questions to answer, and you in turn must come up with questions and tag your favorite small bloggers (less than 200 followers approx.)”

Alright so here are the questions I have to answer:

What are your favorite colors to wear in the spring?

I like to wear colours that make my red hair pop, so like mint greens and pinks. I definitely take this time to try out new shades of colours because during the winter I tend to wear a very neutral pallet.

Would you rather buy a pair of shoes or a purse? Why?

Um do I have to? This actually took me like 10 minutes to think about haha. I guess if I had to chose I would maybe buy a purse. Because shoes are pretty annoying to shop for because I have size 10 to 11 and wide feet, so finding shoes that fit are unlikely.

What is your favorite social media tool and how to do use it for blogging?

Instagram. Hands done. I actually just got it for my blog, so make sure to follow me!!! (@beautybycatherine)

What makeup item can you not leave the house without? 

Mascara. I think I look like a guy without mascara, why? I have no idea, I just feel like I do.

Who was the first beauty guru you watched/read? 

I started to watch YouTube gurus in the summer of grade 9. Soooo it’s been a long time. But I think it’s a tie between two gurus who I first started watching, MeghanRosette and MichellePhan

Coffee or tea? Why?

Tea. I am such a tea addict. When I drink coffee it’s actually more like sugar with coffee, so I prefer tea or fancy Starbucks lattes.

When going on trips, do you like to pack as little as possible, or practically your whole makeup collection just in case?

Depends where I’m going, but for most trips I pack the essentials. Mascara, BB cream, concealer, a few eyeshadows, face primer, and eyebrow tools.

What celebrity’s style inspires you the most?

Actually I don’t really look at celebrities for inspiration. Though I really liked Miley Cyrus’ fashion when she had that long bob, right before she cut it all off.

Do you have a favorite makeup brand? If so, why are they your favorite? 

I have different favourite brands for different parts of my face haha. So for eye products I love Urban Decay because their eyeshadows are so pigmented! and lovely.

Why did you start blogging?

I like I had said previously  I’ve been watching beauty gurus for a LONG time, and I do have a big interest in makeup. I wanted to share my tips and reviews and other things with other people who have the same interest as me 🙂


I hope that you all enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better!

Here are the lovelies who I’m passing the award to (not sure if they have 200 followers or less, so I’m basing it off of the twitter followers):


twitter (@jsphnng)

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Make sure to check out these lovely blogs!

Here are my questions:

  1. Louis Vuitton purse or Chanel purse?
  2. Would you ever consider making a YouTube channel?
  3. What’s on your makeup wish list?
  4. What do you do on a rainy day?
  5. Foundation? BB cream? Or tinted moisturiser?
  6. Who is your favourite Beauty blogger or YouTuber?
  7. What is the one thing you can’t leave your house without?
  8. Where is your dream city to live in?
  9. Favourite makeup brand? Why?
  10. If you won $1,000 what would you do with it?

I can’t wait to read your answers ladies!



Fitness Friday: at home cardio

Welcome to the new fitness series on my blog!! It will include tips, workouts, and other ways to help keep you going with your healthy lifestyle!


One: Jumping Jacks

I’m sure all of you know how to do jumping jacks….

Here are some fun facts about them that’ll make you want to do them all day long:

Since jumping jacks gets your heart rate going you will burn more calories the longer you push yourself. They aren’t going to stress your body out and you won’t feel sore the next day. Try doing them for a minute a day until that becomes too easy and then try for two minutes

Two: Leg Kicks

This can be done a million different ways. You can Google all the different kinds. The one I typically do is when you stand up straight and kick one of your legs forward to touch your hand. And repeat with the other leg.


Your butt will look amazing after these.

Three: Knee Lifts

Similar to the leg kicks, they are a few different ways to do these. The simple basic way is to touch your knee to your hands.

Benefits: strength and definition in your lower abdominal, and strength in your lower back








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What’s in my Makeup Bag

What’s in my Makeup Bag” Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I’m home for reading week this week and thought it would be the perfect time to do this post.

I got this bag at my bookstore university…so I have no idea where other people can get it. I love it because it honestly is like Mary Poppins’ bag.

When I travel I like to bring a variety of things but in small sizes (I’m sure you do too).
These are the lip products I typically would bring:


I’m not going to list all the product names because there’s A LOT. But if you ask I’ll totally tell you 🙂

Face products I have are:



I brought the basics for my face. I try not to bring any glass bottles while traveling because if they break, and it’s a b*tch to clean up.

The eye products:



I ALWAYS travel with an eyeshadow palette, it’s variety but in small packaging.
There’s actually a Tarte Blush in that photo….I bring blush with me, because I don’t typically wear bronzer.
I use one mascara, and I always bring a paintpot because those are prefect for those days when you aren’t in the mood for eyeshadow but still want something.

Finally my brushes:

These are almost all the makeup brushes I have. They’re cheap and bad quality. I am planning on buying new ones soon. I wouldn’t recommend putting your brushes in with your makeup because the hairs will get bent. I used to put them in an envelope makeup bag, which kept them safe and sound!” Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Hope you enjoyed!! Xoxo

REVIEW TIME : Forever21 cosmetics

Recently I bought 3 products from the Forever 21 Love & Beauty line.

First product: High Pigment Gloss in Natural


Love this. I’ve never really been a gloss gal but recently I’ve been wearing them non stop. This is perfect, I don’t have to wear a lipstick underneath for colour, but if I wanted to then you could always top it off. This lipgloss isn’t sticky but glossy.

Second Product: Velvet Lipstick in Natural

Meh. That’s all I really have to say about it. I really accents the creases in your lips (which I don’t like…..and I don’t think anyone else does either). The first time I used it, it smelled plastic….but after a few times the smell went away. I also feel I need a lot of product to get my desired look. Which I guess is good cause then I’ll use the product faster haha. I wouldn’t recommend buying this, you can find a better quality one for a little more money….but it’s worth it.

The left is the gloss and the right is the lipstick.
I couldn’t get any good photos of them on me because of lighting. The lipstick does have a more brownish/orangeish tint to it.

Final Product: Cucumber Lemon Cleansing Tissues

I bought these because I wanted to remove makeup quickly when I’m trying out different makeup looks. These are bad. It takes FOREVER to remove the makeup. And I (for some crazy reason) thought cucumbers and lemons would smell good. They don’t.

Overall I would recommend this brand for beginners, girls trying to figure out makeup and don’t want to spend a lot of money.

I hope this helps you beauties


How to Survive Valentine’s Day…..Being Single

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I hope all of you who have a significant have a lovely night.

Now if you’re like me you are going to celebrating this day by yourself….because you’re single. But it’s alllll okay because I know you rock that status. But for the few who are single and don’t really know what to do with yourself on this day, I’ll give you some of my tips.


1.) Hang out with your friends.

No one likes sitting at home remembering reasons why you’re single, so go out with your girlfriends and hit a movie or a restaurant. This also gives you an excuse to wear the Valentine’s Day makeup I showed in my previous post 😉


2.) Watch your celeb crush.

If you don’t actually have a date, make your own. Rent all the movies that have your celeb crush and watch them all night long.


3.) Treat yourself! candy hearts

I do this every Valentine’s day. Buy yourself something that’ll cheer you up. For me, it’s more makeup and clothes.


4.) Embrace the single life.

You don’t need no significant other to make you happy!


5.) Bake.

Baking gives you something else to focus on, and afterwards you get to eat the treats!


6.) Realize that you actually have a Valentine’s date. 1354853-bigthumbnail

Your pet. Go ahead dress them up (they probably won’t be happy…but you will) take a photo! They also are a great cuddle buddy at the end of the night.

*if you do end up dressing up your pet…send me a photo on twitter!*


7.) Throw a party!

Or an anti-Valentine’s party. You won’t have to spend the night alone, and everyone else there will be in the same boat as you.


8.) Send yourself flowers.

No one has to know they’re actually from you, and they’ll make your house smell lovely.

heart balloons


9.) Make plans with your family.

Call up your sister, or parents, or whoever and make dinner plans with them. Catch up and have a great meal too.



It’s only ONE day. And the next day you can get a s**t ton of half priced chocolate.

The Bold Lip

Hello my beauties!

photo 5


Here is how I rock bold/red lips.


I’m wearing Quince by Bite it’s a pinky red lip colour, it is bright and very bold.



photo 3

When wearing a bold lip colour make sure to conceal your lips before hand so the colour is vivid and it’s easier to apply the lipstick.

Since the lip is the main focus of the look is on the lips so don’t wear anything too crazy and your eyes should be minimal. I just did a simple winged eyeliner and filled in my brows.

photo 2



My brows are a little darker because you need balance.



And finally bronze your face and you are finish with the look!photo 4

Remember to tweet me your look!