Pop of Liner

Hello beautiful viewers! I am finally giving you a new makeup tutorial. I know the past few weeks have been a fashion overload (or maybe you enjoyed it?) but I am back home now and can get back to experimenting with makeup.

The Tutorial: 

eye tutorial I took a white cream eye liner and winged it out. Then I applied a bright shimmery blue over-top to cover all the white. Finally I added a black liner for more of a wearable look.

The Products: 

overall 2The Look:

face 1Lazy girl tip: go ahead and buy a blue eye liner, it’ll make this look a lot easier.

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Final Prom Tutorial

Hello beautiful people. Here is my final prom makeup and hair tutorial for you all!!!

This is my first time attempting a darker smokey eye look, so obliviously it isn’t perfect and looking back I probably need to blend more but hey it’s a learning process! 😀

I hope all of you have enjoyed these prom tutorials, remember to send me a picture of you if you try out this look!!!

The Makeup:

me 1

me 2

me 3

me 5

me 6

me 7

me 8

me 10

me 12

me 13

me 14

final look

   The final makeup look

Hair Time!

me 17

me 18

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!!

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Prom Tutorial #2

Hello lovelies, here is the second prom hair and makeup tutorial.

I would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to this lovely model, Clara, who is my little sister’s friend. Stay tuned till the end to know her instagram name 🙂


The Makeup, a Golden Goddess:

Clara 01


Clara 02


Clara 03


Clara 04


Clara 05


Clara 06


Clara 07


Clara 09


Clara 10


Clara 11


Clara 12


The Hair:

Clara 13Clara 14


Clara 15

The Finial Look:

Clara final look

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s prom tutorial!

Clara’s instagram: @claradsnyder (go follow her!!)




Simple Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Hello my beauties!

I’m you are all well aware that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Even though I don’t have any plans for that night I thought I could help you girls out with a SUPER SIMPLE makeup tutorial.

Image There is the final look. The camera didn’t really pick up the colours too well.

Let’s start with the eyes:


We first have to prime our eyes. I recomend an actual eye primer (example: Urban Decay Primer Potion) to put under this base. Just to ensure that it will stay all night!


Next we put the shadows on. Place ‘Sin’ (bottom right) all over your lid, you can use this as a highlight. Next put ‘Last Call’ (top second right) in the crease to add a little girly colour to your eye. Then put ‘Smog’ (top left) in the outer V to deepen the look. Finally I put ‘Maui Wowie’ (bottom left) in the inner lid. Add a highlighter to the inner corner to brighten the look (I actually forgot to do that)


Put on your favourite eyeliner and do a simple wing.

Curl your lashes and put on your favourite mascara or put on some false lashes

On to the face:


Pick a nice pink colour for you checks. Mine is Orgasm by Nars. And add a little bronzer


Finally add a nice red or pink colour. The camera did not pick up this colour at all.

I’m wearing: Rhubarb by Bite Beauty


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