Summer Makeup Haul

Hi lovelies!

I recently bought a bunch of things from a local Canadian store and Sephora. I was so excited when I got the packages I just had to share these beauty items with you.

From Sephora:  

stila This stila lipstick is the deluxe sample they were giving out on Canada’s Day, so to get it I bought the Urban Decay Naked Flushed.

naked final Now for the really exciting part. I found this adorable site called FTB Beauty. It sells all these amazing brands that are hard to find in Canada! They recently had a promo code for their Instagram followers, so I had to buy some things.

overall brush

Milani eye liner ELF elf lip elf lip 2 Costal final I still haven’t gotten the chance to try everything out yet. If you want me to do any reviews, comment below or tweet me! I would love to do some 🙂



Pop of Liner

Hello beautiful viewers! I am finally giving you a new makeup tutorial. I know the past few weeks have been a fashion overload (or maybe you enjoyed it?) but I am back home now and can get back to experimenting with makeup.

The Tutorial: 

eye tutorial I took a white cream eye liner and winged it out. Then I applied a bright shimmery blue over-top to cover all the white. Finally I added a black liner for more of a wearable look.

The Products: 

overall 2The Look:

face 1Lazy girl tip: go ahead and buy a blue eye liner, it’ll make this look a lot easier.

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March Favourites

Happy April loves! I’ve gathered a few of my items that I kept reaching for during the month of March.

First product is Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel.

I apply this onto my breakouts every night. It is a little on the expensive side but I love it!!! It helps keep my breakouts under control as well as preventing new ones.

I recently bought these a few days ago and fell in love. I would hands down recommend these makeup removers to everyone. It really calms my face and the best part is that I don’t feel like I have to wash my face afterwards (although I would still recommend it)

Though I haven’t seen any difference yet, I love the feel of this toner on my face. It does have alcohol in it so be warned. One thing I have noticed was the reduce of oil on my face.

This is like the cheap manual version on the Clarisonic. I’ve never tried the Clarisonic but I’m assuming they do the same thing. I really feel like my skin is getting clean when ever I use it, and it’s sooooo soft afterwards. I bought it at the Body Shop, but at Sephora they sell something similar.

Effing love this scent. It’s like floral, sweet, sexy, and magical. I don’t think they sell this scent anymore 😦 but I love Bath and Body Works products.

Surprise! I do have stretch marks and I know lots of other people suffer from it too. I’m not a huge fan paying big pucks for something that I can wait for to disappear but I caved a bought this.
I haven’t noticed any difference yet because I just started using but it makes my skin more elasticity which is very nice.

I didn’t wear a lot of shadows this month but when I did go out I wore these every time. I love Urban Decay shadows.

Love. I honestly love this nude colour. It’s sheer and has gold sparkles in it to make your lips pop. I just love it sooooo much. Basically wore it everyday.

hope you all enjoyed it, and stay tuned for next month.

What’s in my Makeup Bag

What’s in my Makeup Bag” Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I’m home for reading week this week and thought it would be the perfect time to do this post.

I got this bag at my bookstore university…so I have no idea where other people can get it. I love it because it honestly is like Mary Poppins’ bag.

When I travel I like to bring a variety of things but in small sizes (I’m sure you do too).
These are the lip products I typically would bring:


I’m not going to list all the product names because there’s A LOT. But if you ask I’ll totally tell you 🙂

Face products I have are:



I brought the basics for my face. I try not to bring any glass bottles while traveling because if they break, and it’s a b*tch to clean up.

The eye products:



I ALWAYS travel with an eyeshadow palette, it’s variety but in small packaging.
There’s actually a Tarte Blush in that photo….I bring blush with me, because I don’t typically wear bronzer.
I use one mascara, and I always bring a paintpot because those are prefect for those days when you aren’t in the mood for eyeshadow but still want something.

Finally my brushes:

These are almost all the makeup brushes I have. They’re cheap and bad quality. I am planning on buying new ones soon. I wouldn’t recommend putting your brushes in with your makeup because the hairs will get bent. I used to put them in an envelope makeup bag, which kept them safe and sound!” Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Hope you enjoyed!! Xoxo