Spring OOTD

This winter has been crazy long, so it has finally just started to feel like spring. In celebration I’ve been rocking a bright lip or bright clothes. Today I wore a bright pink top with floral cut outs, perfect for spring.


Basically everything I’m wearing is from Forever 21 plus, except for my new jacket (Joe Fresh).

I LOVE pairing simple tops with a bold necklace, lately I’ve been loving this chain one from Forever 21




And of course I’m wearing one of my spring trends!

I hoped you enjoyed this quick OOTD post!

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Demi Lovato Style Steal

demi look

Madewell plaid shirt

Black booties

Topshop black handbag
I have always loved Demi’s fashion, so I thought it was time I finally do a post about it. Demi has a more grungey look which I think she pulls off perfectly with her coloured hair.
In this look she wears a basic band tee and ties a plaid shirt around her waist. I honestly would wear this look around town without the leather jacket, but she still pulls it off perfectly.
Her pants are a simple black which can be easily found at any clothing store. You could always substitute the plain black pants for black pants with tears in them which would look very cute with the outfit as well.
Finally she ties this outfit with black combat boots and a cute black tote handbag. I picked boots with studs on them because they gave the whole look a little bit of an edge to the simple outfit.
I hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for a Demi Lovato’s makeup tutorial!
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My Empties

It’s finally starting to feel like spring in Canada!!!

I’ve kept the products that I’ve hit bottom on to show all of you, because we all know you’re dying to see my garbage 😉


I would definitely re-purchase this. It was super nice on my sensitive skin, and didn’t break me out!


I would not re-purchase this again, I know some people love it but I hated it. It was a pain to get off and it wasn’t very volumizing. It actually expired before I could finish it.


Finally finished this!! I really did not like these makeup removing wipes. I basically had to scrub my face to get anything off, I did buy them at Forever 21 for about $4. I actually used these wipes up when I pressed my pigments.


Loved this eye makeup remover. My eyes didn’t get irritated at all. I probably wouldn’t re-purchase it because I went through it sooooo quickly and the first makeup remover by Neutrogena I showed didn’t irritated my eyes so I would just use that one.


You may be able to tell that I actually didn’t finish this powder but that was because it took me a long time to figure out that it was breaking out my skin. I obviously wouldn’t buy this again.


LOVE this mascara. This is just a sample size but I fell in love. I would hands down purchase the full size if it was cheaper hahaha.


This used to be my go to mascara but then I try The Rocket Volume Express and fell in love with that one.


I really really liked this product when I was using it but once I stopped I didn’t love it as much. It clogged my pores and I felt like my skin couldn’t breathe under it. It is a pretty good BB cream and I would recommend it I just probably wouldn’t buy it again.


I would maybe re-purchase this. I loved the amount of product that came out, it produced black dark lines but the applicator wasn’t that thin/pointed. There were some days when I had to take the liner off because I looked like a raccoon.


I know this isn’t a beauty product but I happened to finish it while I was collecting my other empties. I would hands down re-purchase it….I actually did. I honestly just love Dove products!

I hope you enjoyed looking at all the products I finished!

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This or That Tag

Hello my lovelies! For this post I am doing something a little different.




My friend Josie (that’s her to the left) and I decided to do a tag together. We chose the This or That tag, I’ll be doing half of the questions and Josie is doing the other half (Makeup, Nails, and Body). Make sure to check out her blog for her answers. She’s become a good blogging friend of mine and will be the sweetest girl you’ll meet!!



jeans or sweat pants?

Depends…at home sweat pants, going out jeans…but I totally prefer sweats

long sleeve of short?

Short, long sleeves make me feel claustrophobic

dresses or skirts?


stripes or plaid? 

Uhh, plaid? No stripes…no plaid….I’m kind of neutral on them.

flip flops or sandals?


scarves or hats?

Scarves, man do I have a bad addiction to scarves

studs or dangly earrings?

Studs. I am not a dangly earrings kind of gal.

necklaces or bracelets ?


heels or flats?

Flats….but I do love a good pair of heels.

cowboy boots or riding boots?

Riding boots. Hands down riding boots.

jacket or hoodie?


forever 21 or charlotte russe?


abercombie or Hollister?

Never shopped at those stores….I think they are basically the same hahaha. As well I don’t really like how they have tween sizes but aim for the teen audience.

saks 5th or nordstrom?

Never shopped at those stores too. Also have never heard of Saks 5th.



curly or straight?


bun or ponytail?

Bun, though ponytails are easier for me to do haha

bobby pins or butterfly clips?

Bobby pins. People still wear butterfly clips???

hair spray or gel? 


long or short?


light or dark? 

I have no idea….maybe dark

side sweep bangs or full bangs?

Side sweep

up or down?

Rain or shine?

Rain, because I like to get all cozy and stay in bed and read or watch Netflix

Summer or winter?

Winter….but sometimes it can last too long

Fall or spring?


Chocolate or vanilla?


East coast or west coast?

I don’t know….I live in central Canada so I don’t visit the east and west often…though I do LOVE Newfoundland.


I hoped you enjoyed and make sure to check out Josie’s blog, and follow her on Twitter (@jsphnng) and Instagram (@josieong) !!!!

Kylie Jenner OOTD

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, March madness has arrived at university!
I created a simple Kylie Jenner inspired outfit for you guys to try! I personally love it and I think the body chain spices up the simple outfit.
Kylie Jenner outfit

Bleach t shirt

Kate Spade bracelet bangle

Chain Link Body Chain
My inspiration:
Kylie Jenner makeup and hair!
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*There will be no February Favourites because I didn’t try anything new that month*

REVIEW TIME : Forever21 cosmetics

Recently I bought 3 products from the Forever 21 Love & Beauty line.

First product: High Pigment Gloss in Natural


Love this. I’ve never really been a gloss gal but recently I’ve been wearing them non stop. This is perfect, I don’t have to wear a lipstick underneath for colour, but if I wanted to then you could always top it off. This lipgloss isn’t sticky but glossy.

Second Product: Velvet Lipstick in Natural

Meh. That’s all I really have to say about it. I really accents the creases in your lips (which I don’t like…..and I don’t think anyone else does either). The first time I used it, it smelled plastic….but after a few times the smell went away. I also feel I need a lot of product to get my desired look. Which I guess is good cause then I’ll use the product faster haha. I wouldn’t recommend buying this, you can find a better quality one for a little more money….but it’s worth it.

The left is the gloss and the right is the lipstick.
I couldn’t get any good photos of them on me because of lighting. The lipstick does have a more brownish/orangeish tint to it.

Final Product: Cucumber Lemon Cleansing Tissues

I bought these because I wanted to remove makeup quickly when I’m trying out different makeup looks. These are bad. It takes FOREVER to remove the makeup. And I (for some crazy reason) thought cucumbers and lemons would smell good. They don’t.

Overall I would recommend this brand for beginners, girls trying to figure out makeup and don’t want to spend a lot of money.

I hope this helps you beauties