OOTD; Marie in the 21st Century



Today I got the chance to visit the prison which Marie Antoinette was held prisoner until her death. It was a quick little tour but was very interesting. There were three different types of cells available to the prisoners: 1. just hay on the ground 2. a bed and roomate 3. bed, private room and desk. Then there was Marie’ss room, which had a large bed, a desk, and painted walls, with carpet.



My outfit is inspired by her. Every time I think of Marie I always picture this portrait of her, it may be because Blair Waldorf had a similar one hung in her room. But blue is a very prominent colour shown, so I went with a blue chiffon top and cropped pants for a more formal look. Lots of people said my outfit was very business causal, so you’re welcome to take these simple outfit and use it for your everyday job!



IMG_0076 I went with sliver accessories (just my watch and earrings and shoes shown in earlier posts) to ensure the colour blue shows the true blue colour.

IMG_0077 The blue shirt I wore was too light of a shade to be included in Marie’s portrait, but I only have so many clothes with me in Paris.


Hope you enjoyed and make sure to follow my social media accounts for tomorrow’s outfit!





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