Prom Hair and Makeup Tutorial #1

So apparently some people have prom in April!? Here in Canada there is still under 10 degrees so we all have our proms in June. Sorry if I did miss your prom but for the ladies who still have a few months here is a little inspiration for you.

The first prom makeup and hair tutorial is a natural smokey eye.

Now before I do anything I would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to my model who happens to be my little sister, Heather, if you want to know more about her or want to follow her instagram the link will be at the end.


Heather 01

The foundation shown in this picture does have SPF but it is low so it’ll still wash you out but not as much as a higher SPF

Heather 02

heather 2

Heather 3

Heather 4

Heather 4

Heather 5

Heather 6

Heather 7

Heather 8

Heather 9

Heather 10

heather 11

Heather 12

Heather 13

Heather 14



Now for the hair:

Heather 16

Heather 17



heather final look


I hoped all of you enjoyed this tutorial. If you try this look out make sure to send me a picture!!! I would LOVE to see this look on you 😀


Once again thank you to my best little sister!!!

Her instagram: @heather9719

And make sure to follow all of my social medias to know when the next prom tutorial is! (Hint: is as another special guest)

Instagram: @beautybycatherine

Twitter: @beautybycatxo





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