How to Press Pigments

Over the holidays I bought a MAC pigment pack. It included:
– Pink Glitter
– Grey Glitter
– Vanilla
– Kitschmas
– Push The Edge
I knew I wouldn’t use pigments a lot so I decided why not press them so I can use them more often!
Here’s how I press pigments!

What you need:
– Rubbing Alcohol Compound
– empty pans
– magnets (for the empty pans)
– a quarter
– makeup remover wipes
– something to mix the pigments and alcohol
– eye dropper (mine is from the medicine you get when you are a child)

First you cut the magnets and put them on the back of the pan so you can put them in a palette

Place paper towel underneath everything for an easy clean up. Then clean the pan with the alcohol and pick up some alcohol with your eye dropper tool thingy.

Put the pigment into the pan, enough that it will cover most of the bottom of the pan.
Then add the alcohol until all the pigment is absorbed from the alcohol.

Mix till it’s like a paint substance and leave it off to the side to dry for 15-20 mins.

Once the pigment is dry, take the quarter and place it in a tissue. Wrap the tail of the tissue around itself so the side is smooth.

Press it down, and add more pigment if there is still more room in the pan.
Continue these steps until you have your desired amount and leave it to dry for 24 hours!

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