REVIEW TIME : Forever21 cosmetics

Recently I bought 3 products from the Forever 21 Love & Beauty line.

First product: High Pigment Gloss in Natural


Love this. I’ve never really been a gloss gal but recently I’ve been wearing them non stop. This is perfect, I don’t have to wear a lipstick underneath for colour, but if I wanted to then you could always top it off. This lipgloss isn’t sticky but glossy.

Second Product: Velvet Lipstick in Natural

Meh. That’s all I really have to say about it. I really accents the creases in your lips (which I don’t like…..and I don’t think anyone else does either). The first time I used it, it smelled plastic….but after a few times the smell went away. I also feel I need a lot of product to get my desired look. Which I guess is good cause then I’ll use the product faster haha. I wouldn’t recommend buying this, you can find a better quality one for a little more money….but it’s worth it.

The left is the gloss and the right is the lipstick.
I couldn’t get any good photos of them on me because of lighting. The lipstick does have a more brownish/orangeish tint to it.

Final Product: Cucumber Lemon Cleansing Tissues

I bought these because I wanted to remove makeup quickly when I’m trying out different makeup looks. These are bad. It takes FOREVER to remove the makeup. And I (for some crazy reason) thought cucumbers and lemons would smell good. They don’t.

Overall I would recommend this brand for beginners, girls trying to figure out makeup and don’t want to spend a lot of money.

I hope this helps you beauties



2 thoughts on “REVIEW TIME : Forever21 cosmetics

  1. Good to know. Always helpful to know about things that aren’t so helpful, nice to to know may be worth investing in and what’s not!


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