How to Survive Valentine’s Day…..Being Single

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I hope all of you who have a significant have a lovely night.

Now if you’re like me you are going to celebrating this day by yourself….because you’re single. But it’s alllll okay because I know you rock that status. But for the few who are single and don’t really know what to do with yourself on this day, I’ll give you some of my tips.


1.) Hang out with your friends.

No one likes sitting at home remembering reasons why you’re single, so go out with your girlfriends and hit a movie or a restaurant. This also gives you an excuse to wear the Valentine’s Day makeup I showed in my previous post 😉


2.) Watch your celeb crush.

If you don’t actually have a date, make your own. Rent all the movies that have your celeb crush and watch them all night long.


3.) Treat yourself! candy hearts

I do this every Valentine’s day. Buy yourself something that’ll cheer you up. For me, it’s more makeup and clothes.


4.) Embrace the single life.

You don’t need no significant other to make you happy!


5.) Bake.

Baking gives you something else to focus on, and afterwards you get to eat the treats!


6.) Realize that you actually have a Valentine’s date. 1354853-bigthumbnail

Your pet. Go ahead dress them up (they probably won’t be happy…but you will) take a photo! They also are a great cuddle buddy at the end of the night.

*if you do end up dressing up your pet…send me a photo on twitter!*


7.) Throw a party!

Or an anti-Valentine’s party. You won’t have to spend the night alone, and everyone else there will be in the same boat as you.


8.) Send yourself flowers.

No one has to know they’re actually from you, and they’ll make your house smell lovely.

heart balloons


9.) Make plans with your family.

Call up your sister, or parents, or whoever and make dinner plans with them. Catch up and have a great meal too.



It’s only ONE day. And the next day you can get a s**t ton of half priced chocolate.


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